Dear Prom Gals,

Let’s take a moment to review Prom #2k16 Fashion trends. Simply, amazing!!!

This year’s prom trends mirror 2016 street fashion trends. It’s all about making statements and expressing your true colors.

The X-Factor: One of my favorite trends of this season is the “X-Factor”. The X-Factor is an off the shoulder trend that adds spice to your night without showing off too much skin. This look is perfect for our girl with a smaller build and petite shoulders.



Crop Top Movement: which is a big trend in the world of fashion right now. The Crop Movement looks great for any occasion so don’t be afraid to give this look a try on your big night. Rocking this look will get you out of the “Traditional Zone” for prom. You will be fun, flirty, and trendy.



Flower Child: Feeling young, wild, and free? This trend is for my true flower child.  Flower Power is for prom gals that want to bring their free-spirited attitude to Prom 2016. Just in case you can’t take your mind off this style Boutique Calla Lily will assist you with that.



Lace: Where should I begin with this trend? First, let’s start by thanking the French for sharing this trend with us. Lace has been here since the beginning of time. Now this look obviously isn’t new to the World of Prom, but lace has made a big appearance for Prom 2016. Rocking lace on your big night will give you the feel of maturity that you desire. Lace brings on the right amount of sex-appeal without having every part of your dress cutout.




Forever Yours,


Boutique Calla Lily


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