Timing is Everything


Dear Calla Lily Girls,

Calla Lily Prom is dedicating our first blog of the prom season to a little thing we like to call “Timing”.

Now ladies, we all know the effects of waiting until the last minute to shop for that perfect dress. So, why do it? I know, I know, you had to study, go to practice, were scheduled to work, or had to see the latest movie with your friend. I get it! Life is busy, we’re only human, I’ve been there, done that. But, if you plan to wear your dream dress to your magical Prom, timing is everything.

Can you imagine what would happen if you start shopping for your dress a week before the prom? Well, here’s a list of common pitfalls that prom procrastinators often plummet into:
• Your dream prom dress is SOLD OUT!
• The style of the dress you’ve been dreaming about doesn’t complement with your body type/
• Your favorite color is unavailable.
• Alterations become an issue because you don’t have enough time.
• Or, this is a good one, “I bought my dress online and it doesn’t look like the picture!”

BIG NO-NO Ladies!

As a Prom Specialty Store we assure that our Calla Lily Girls are informed, leave satisfied and have met their desired prom dress goals by providing high quality merchandise and a team of prom dress experts. So, don’t procrastinate. Shop early. Enjoy the prom dress shopping experience. Shop Calla Lily Prom and remember “Timing is Everything!”

Love Always,

Calla Lily Prom
P.S. Tell a friend.


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